Problem Statement is most of the users have to use multiple apps to track their fitness activity, do workout, excersices & meal planning. People loose interest after a while as they find it very cumbersome to use different apps and keep track of it.

Solution to the above is and application that will help users develop the habit of practicing daily to track their progress(activity, meal, nutrition intake, workout. etc.) and stay motivated especially when they are slacking.

  1. Competitive Analysis

I started of first with Competitive Analysis. I did analysis on 3 apps Strava, Runkeeper & Carrotfit. Details as shown in the image below.

2. Defining Target Users and User Segmentation

Target User & User Segmentation

3. User Research

3.1 Interview Questions

Based on the target user defined earlier, I recruited 6 personas and conducted interview session with them to understand their lifestyle, difficulties they go through to keep themselves fit, what are their aspirations and what motivates them to be consistent.My questions were based on need, task and value.

3.2. Persona Board

I shortlisted 3 users to create by persona board. This exercise helped me understand clealy what are their motivation,frustration,goals & expections also about their lifestyle.Below is an example from one the users persona boards.

3.3. Empathy Map

Empathy map helped to understand what users say,here,think/feels and do, which give me their pain and gains.

3.4. Customer Journey Mapping

This journey helped me understand where users are facing problem and how they can be solved with digital touch points, which gives a list of features that I can have in the to improve the users experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

After completing customer jourey map for all the users, I got a list of features. I used few features marked in blue and the other will be worked on, in the next phase.

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