are great for learning about design. They’re free, and they’re plentiful — there are dozens of to choose from.

Below are five of my podcasts about UX. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of them in the comments.

1. UIE Podcast Network

Jared Spool, the founder of UIE, created the UIE Podcast Network ( The network publishes interviews with leading UX experts on many topics like content strategy, user research, and prototyping. They cover advanced topics like how to connect UX design to the business goals of your organization.

Start with the episode, “Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden’s ‘Sense & Respond.’

2. The Big Web Show

On The Big Web Show, host Jeffrey Zeldman interviews industry professionals like UX designers, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Jeffrey’s a great interviewer and a great storyteller. During the interviews, he connects web history to current design trends and challenges. He also draws parallels between the design field and other disciplines like film and literature.

Start with the episode, “It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work, with Jason Fried.”

3. UXPodcast

On UXPodcast, co-hosts James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom explore many UX topics. They interview designers from around the world. Sometimes they have “link shows” where the two hosts discuss recent UX resources like articles or recorded conference presentations.

UXPodcast is one of the longest-running and most consistent UX podcasts in my rotation. James and Per do a great job of keeping up the podcast. They release episodes every other week and rarely miss an episode.

Start with the episode, “Connected Content with Carrie Hane.”

4. What is Wrong with UX?

Kate Rutter and Laura Klein host this podcast about UX design. One of the many things I love about this podcast is their honesty. They’re not afraid to disagree with each other and state how they feel about anything UX-related.

Kate and Laura describe each episode as, “The podcast where two old ladies yell at each other about how to make products suck slightly less.” If you like UX, and you’re okay with sarcasm and cursing, you’ll enjoy this podcast.

Start with the episode, “Protect Your Users From Each Other.”

5. Wireframe

The Wireframe podcast delivers well-researched, thoughtful stories on a range of design topics. I appreciate the high-quality production work that goes into each episode.

Wireframe is the most beginner-friendly and layperson-friendly podcast in this list. If you’re new to UX design, you may want to start here. (If you’re an experienced designer, there’s plenty in these podcasts for you to learn, too.)

Start with the episode, “Inclusivity is a Recipe for Good Design.”

Go Forth and Learn From These Podcasts

I hope you enjoy these five podcasts!

What other UX podcasts have you found valuable? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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