Vault : Secure login features, , and end-to-end encryption elements

The Vault UI Kit was created by San Francisco multidisciplinary designer Kerem Suer and Ame Elliott, design director of the educational nonprofit Simply Secure, which is devoted to advancing the causes of , privacy, and transparency in product design. It features tons of UI elements to help you build an app or website in with security elements, such as:

  • Phone number login.
  • Touch ID login.
  • The ability to secure files in your Private Vault.
  • The ability to view your shared files/folders.
  • The ability to audit your file/folder activity with Activity Log.
  • Send a secure copy of a file, protected with end-to-end encryption.
  • Secure public-key barcode scan.
  • Profile card.
  • List edit mode.

In short, the Vault UI Kit provides you with important tools to transform the security demands of your next app or service into an opportunity. With it, you’ll be able to delight your users with a spectacular UX. It is built in Adobe XD, allowing designers to:

  • Simply change the color of the whole app within clicks.
  • Be consistent with assets with the devoted asset manager.
  • Create fixed elements used to reflect a more realistic prototype (navbar).
  • Create overlays to be used for action sheets.
  • Publish design specs.
  • Use repeat grid to replicate security checks across features.


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