How Meet Up was influenced by … Lego?

A black batman lego piece is used to to highlight the design inspiration behind developer of the social meetup ui kit and the importance of working within constraints.
Image source: Cassidy James Blaede.

For Aurélien, much of the inspiration for the Social Meet Up came from a cherished toy from his past: Lego.

“I think my biggest influence has been Legos. When I was a kid, I could spend hours playing with one box of Legos, trying to create different things. It teaches you patience, working within constraints (due to its limited parts), and makes you understand the importance of design: design is about solving problems,” he revealed.

This early exposure to problem solving served him well, as it helped to prepare him for the type of workflow he’d rely on as a designer: “My process is pretty flexible, but we always have to make sure that we clearly understand and define the problem (which is often overlooked), brainstorm ideas, convince stakeholders, create prototypes, and test them to validate our assumptions.” This approach, combined with his background as an engineer as well as a designer with many diverse interests, influences his work on projects like Social Meet Up. He encourages other designers to look for inspiration all around them, so that it creeps up in their digital designs.

“I am getting inspired by many things. I can get inspired by looking at a landscape, encountering a problem that I want to solve, or by using various apps and services. I have a soft side for sci-fi movies, too.”

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