Talking about getting to know Go and sticking to it, there is another tool R1; well, I should say initiative R1; that I came across some ago and recently again. It’s called Your First PR. There is a Twitter handle called @YourFirstPR, and there is a website on a GitHub repo. Basically it’s an initiative to bring together people who have never contributed to open source, and we are hoping that if you want to do Go and are looking for ideas for projects, just hop on this and find out things that you can do, and practice your Go and practice your open source contribution. It tries to bridge people who are looking for opportunities to contribute to open source, with maintainers who have projects and have issues for people to solve, for people to implement.

The way it works is you, as a maintainer, have to find the issues that will be appropriate for a first-time open source contributor, and you would tweet at them the issue or you would go on the repo and add an issue there. I would imagine that you could also submit a list of filtered issues that maybe you tag with, for example ‘help wanted’ or ‘beginner-friendly’.

There are two articles on that website. One that I had read some time ago and I absolutely loved, it’s called “First-timers only”, and I highly suggest people who are maintainers read that. I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of ideas. And I hope the Go community will grow and more people will be exposed to it and have a chance to learn about it, practice, and maybe you’ll stick to it or not, but at least you gave it a shot. This is a great opportunity, and people who are doing open source development, you can use this to get help, so it’s a win/win all around.

We always say that coding is about coding more, right? You get better at coding by coding, and also I always say if you’re a developer, get together with people, get together with the developer community and open source contribution is great for that. So it’s just perfect all around, I think. What do you guys think?

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