Cool. Inside of … Large portions of the platform have actually been somewhat rewritten in Go. For instance, if you git push Master, the Git server behind that is written in Go, the thing that actually executes your slug-building. So that’s what you see when you see language detected Go and then the compilation process – that’s been recently rewritten as a Go process.

All logs from dynos are moved to the log router, which is still written in Erlang, but that process that actually handles the batching and delivery, that’s Go. Portions of our new private spaces offering, which is basically Heroku in a VPC – not your VPC that you bring to us, but a VPC that we create for you on Amazon; large portions of that are written in Go. We have some API work being done in Go. All system metrics are extracted off of instances using a Go tool. I’ve been instrumental in some of those, and not so much in others.

If you’re a fan of our dashboard metrics, that’s Go. The backend for that is all Go, the front end is obviously Node and other frontend technologies.

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