Yeah, so talking about presentations… I got some help from Bill Kennedy recently to do my GoBridge talk at the Women Who Go event. So he gives me this formula that he R; he was inspired by Dave Cheney’s post, or they worked on it together, I’m not very clear on that, but it made me lay out my talk so quickly and easily. Then he reviewed it and I got a better idea of what the formula was.

I got so excited about it that I submitted two lightning talks for GopherCon… One for GopherCon and one for the kickoff party. I was like, “Yeah, I’ve got this, no problem. I can write… I have a formula and I just fill stuff in, and voila!”

Of course, I still need to put the slides together and I still need to rehearse, but just getting the abstract, the intro and the conclusion ready, once you’ve got that, you’ve got more than 50% of the content ready.

We put it up on the GoBridge Park, it’s a repo called “Presentation Help”, and I hope people will add more to it, too. I’ve just put this up today. I would love to see people contributing with links to other stuff, and I’ll do that too, with , as I run into things.

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