Yeah. I will say that stuff is really cool, though. One of the things that people don’t realize enough, I think, is is just another form of data. It’s not just this… People often tend to think of as a form of text that you write in an editor, or a doc, or something like that, but it’s really very highly structured data, and when you think about a lot of the stuff that we do as programmers/software engineers, it’s really exploring this dataset and making changes to this dataset. So I think what that data dump this, along with the BigQuery queries that went along with it is it showed the power that you can tap into once you start to treat as more of a dataset.

In the future, you can imagine more senior members of the team, who care about overall code quality and maintainability of the codebase, and they worry about things that more junior engineers might be doing to shoot themselves in the foot, they can actually issue queries against a dataset – the global graph of code or the graph of code inside your company – to look for patterns and anti-patterns like that, and make sweeping changes… As opposed to the old way of doing things – or the current way of doing things – which is single person, single editor, single machine, making changes one at the .

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