ThatR;s a pretty important point there. I use this a lot in my life. IR;ll give you a good example of something that IR;ve done more times over the years than I can actually count. The impression is that is some super programmer… And yeah, I do know a lot of languages – I think IR;m up to about 20 now – but the reason why is never because of the languages; itR;s always because I wanted to learn something.

The first GopherCon that I went to, I didn’t know Go. But I saw all these nice people, and I knew Brian from before, and I knew of a couple people from before, and I’m like “Well, this is kind of cool. If these kinds of people wanna come to this kind of conference, I think that I should learn their language.”

So what did I do? I said, well, I work at DigitalOcean. What can I do at DigitalOcean with Go? Because we were actually using Go. There was maybe one tiny Go project at that . So I said, “Well, I wanna benchmark something with our cloud.” I said, “Well, can I write an API in Go? Can I write this code in Go?” Because I didn’t wanna write it in Java or Ruby or anything like that. No, [unintelligible 00:25:44.25] That was my first project right there. My first project was writing an API client for DigitalOcean in Go. Was it good? No, it was horrible. But does it still exist? Yes, it still exists. But it has also allowed me to move on.

I’ve been able to take my little win from writing this [unintelligible 00:26:00.09] hundred-line thing in Go, to writing now the official API client for DigitalOcean in Go. Where did that come from? Well, I actually have the ability — I boot up hundreds of virtual machines some days, and I got tired of writing software to do it, so I said, “I wanna do this for command line, because I love command lines.”

So I just started writing it. In my spare time, when I was on the airplane, when I was at a conference speaking, when I was not doing something else. That evolved into our official command line client. And that’s the thing you see. You see the success of the software that I wrote, but you didn’t see [unintelligible 00:26:36.14] This came from an idea that I had two years ago, and I just slowly made it happen. I think that’s what people need to realize. We don’t need big wins.

I have this whole theory about being rich, and I can tell you why you don’t wanna be rich. You just wanna pay all your bills and actually have one more dollar than you need to spend every month. I’m talking about after you pay yourself, after you save for vacation, after you pay for retirement, after you pay all your bills. Because guess what? If you have ten more, what are you gonna do with that money? If you’re just gonna sit on it, it’s not doing society any better; you might as well just give it away.

So what I’m saying here is that we just should build up slowly. We build up our savings slowly, we build up our knowledge slowly, we build up our personalities and our brand slowly. All these things that I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing almost the same things since 1994, and it took ten years for people to realize who I was. Now, ten years later, people are seeing me in multiple language communities and they’re saying, “How did Bryan do this? Where did his ideas come from?” I just had a lot, and I played with them forever.

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