Let’s talk about Go 1.8, coming out in February, on 16th. Dave Cheney once again is organizing release party across the globe for Go 1.8; so if you organize a meetup or if you’re a part of a Go meetup, then we’ll put the link in the show notes for a way you can find information about how to do a Go 1.8 release party at your meetup. We are definitely hosting one here in Tampa, for the Tampa Go meetup. It will be the first meetup we’ve had in like nine months… But we’re gonna do one for Go 1.8, and that’s a big deal, because 1.8 is a big deal, and we’re all very excited about it.

Alright, other exciting projects, let’s see… These are all my projects; did you guys do nothing in projects and ? I’m just gonna say them all, because I’ve put them all in here. So a really cool app that I found is called Releaser, and it’s in the repository at github.com/goreleaser/releaser.

[00:39:52.10] It’s an awesome app that does cross-compiling and it will automatically build your app and tag a release on GitHub and upload the binaries for you, which is really cool, something I was looking to do recently and didn’t have a way to do it without RubyGem. So that one’s pretty slick, I like that a lot. I wish it would actually do the tagging for me, but it doesn’t do the tagging yet. I’m sure PRs are accepted.

A cool one I found this morning – Mutagen, at the GitHub repo havoc/iomutagen. I’m a huge fan of synchronizing code between 8,000 different machines that I use, and Mutagen is kind of like a Unison clone, if you’ve used Unison before. It’s really fast, and it runs in the background and it has some nice tools; so I was playing with that today. I like Mutagen quite a bit.

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