And I think that if it’s your first talk, talk about something you’re extremely passionate about. That, at the end of the day, is what people are going to take away. Some of the best talks I ever heard didn’t teach me anything, they just got me thinking differently, and were very engaging.

You’re going to do much better talking about something you’re really excited about, like Brian’s case, and stuff like working on a little Gobot stuff for the smoker; you get pumped about it because you love barbecue, so you wanna just share that with the world, and it becomes much easier; it doesn’t become so challenging, like “What am I gonna say? Am I gonna say this right?” because you’re just sharing something you love with the world.

And you can turn anything into a story. I had a hard looking at my own talk for the conference I spoke at back in November, because it was Kubernetes and this large scale thing, and there’s a lot of technical details there, and it’s like “Well, how do you frame that?” How do you tell a story? How do you get people engaged in it? What if there’s no new information, it’s just using Kubernetes components? And I put a spin on it. The first 5-10 minutes of the talk I taught people how cable television worksR;

[01:00:16.00] So at the very least, if you learned nothing new, you’ll walk away at least knowing how the cable coming out of your wall works, how does video get there.

People actually really liked that. I got a number of people who came up to me afterwards that thought it was really cool, and kind of questioned “Being a technologist, how did I live so long and never questioned how that actually worked?”

I think we can all frame things and bring in interesting views and teach people stuff that they may not know, and people will walk away with something from the talk. But definitely share your love and passion, whatever you do.

Same thing here – I think some of the best episodes on this show are when people bleed a little bit of themselves into the show, they let people in on a personal level a little bit, whether that’s through humor, or just kind of deep sharing of their feelings and stuff like that – that’s the stuff people really cling to.

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