Yeah, and a little bit after that DHH put up the How To Build A Blog In 10 Or 15 Minutes, and I was like “Holy crap, that’s crazy”, and that’s how I got started making web software.

Just before university, I started contributing to open source stuff; I contributed to Emacs and Vim and Django early on, and then Rail. Then between the first and second year of university, I started getting recruited by the big bad companies like Google. Around this , when I first went o university I thought I was gonna be a math professor. Then I started warming up to the idea that I would be a programmer because I was spending all my programming on open source.

Once I started getting those recruiting mails and I asked one of them, “If I don’t finish my degree, can you get me into the U.S.?” and they were like, “Yes”, and then I was like, “Okay, well I’m done.” So I dropped out and started a startup with some friends and we ended up selling out to Shopify.

After that I went and worked at Basecamp (37Signals) and that was pretty cool, to end up doing that. Then I wanted to do another startup again, so I talked to one of my friends, [unintelligible 00:03:49.24] and I asked him where he was working, and he was telling me about this company Segment IO, which was like an analytics data startup.

[00:03:59.20] I ended up joining there, and that’s how I was introduced to Go, because originally Segment IO was built on NodeJS, and we started to scale up and it got to the point where Node’s event loop would be blocked all the time processing JSON, and so that’s how I started to introduce Go, and ultimately we ended up having dozens of microservices built on Go.

Today I am head of architecture at another analytics company called Taplytics So that’s what I’m doing now. In the future I would like to bootstrap my own company, maybe write some scripts… I wanna make movies one day, I think that would be cool, and do lots of writing. So that’s what I’m about.

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