For me, my role is really gonna be focused on the user experience and what it means to be a part of our community, and supporting that as much as possible. I can’t give you my full playbook for the year, because honestly, I’m still writing it. I think it’s a very evolving thing, but I can tell you some of the highlights of it.

One area we’re trying to improve is the ability for people to contribute to the Go project, and in additional capacities – not just in programming, but in other capacities. And there’s efforts underway to improve that, and we hope to really increase the number of contributors to the Go project.

We’re also trying to build more open and inclusive – we call them community working groups, where people are in an organized working group and are working towards a solution, or to address a need in Go.

[00:36:07.06] This is somewhat new territory for Go, and every community need to figure out how it’s going to do this. That’s in the place that we’re in, we’re trying to figure it out… We’re gonna run a little experiment over the next few months with our first inclusive working group, which you’ll be hearing about pretty soon. With that, we’re hoping to be the prototype that we can use more and more.

Other things that I’m working on is trying to — well, first, just make sure that all of the events around the world are supported. There’s a number of Go conferences which all of you on the call know about, as all of you are responsible for at least one of them, and so am I. So we’re all responsible for at least one of them… So there’s the conferences, and then there’s meetups all over the world. We’re trying to get a program set up to support those and make sure that they have all the things that they need.

Then I’m also working pretty hard on the new user experience, what it feels like coming to Go, from the very beginning of going to our website, to installing Go, to going through other things, whether it’s the tour or the documentation, but what it is to learn Go. I think that’s gonna keep me busy for most of the year, doing those things.

A lot of these things are somewhat interactive and experimental. We’re gonna try things and do experiments. Some of them are gonna work, and we’re gonna double down on the ones that do; some of them aren’t gonna work, and we’re gonna learn why and we’re gonna try and continue to evolve our approach.

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