Yeah, sure. So I would say even just like a year ago, if I was to go to some event, one of the big questions was “Should I learn R or should I learn Python?” These have traditionally been the big players in this space. There’s a lot of great tools… I’m not as familiar on the R side, but I worked a lot in Python. On the Python side you’ve got this whole suite of numerical and science type tools like Python Pandas and SciPy, NumPy, all of these things. That was kind of how things went for a while.

Then recently, at that same conference where they discussed the Uber alerting stuff, I was seeing definitely much more of an attitude in the community about… Well, a question was posed, “What language should I learn?” and I think they were expecting to hear R or Python, but the answer that the speaker gave – who happened to be Josh Wills from Slack… He basically said, “Learn them all, because every week I use Python, I use Javascript”, and he mentioned Go as well. I think and I hope that the community is kind of opening up to see that each of these languages has unique capabilities and unique use cases, and the hope is that we don’t kind of morph all of these languages together as all kind of doing the same thing, but we utilize them where they’re particularly useful, and utilize their unique features. Then of course there’s a whole suite of tools around “big data technologies”, like Apache Spark and Hadoop. These are mostly kind of Java Scala applications. But even then, a year ago or something, there was a lot on that side of things, there was Java Scala, and now you’re seeing a kind of broader range. There’s things like looking at InfluxDB or the series database that Uber worked on, or even things like Pachyderm, which is an interesting project – these are big data frameworks that are not Java Scala based, and utilizing technologies like Go and Docker. So I think there is a shift going on right now in the community; I don’t know if you guys have seen any of that as well.

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