Sure. So I really wanted to create a safe space for to enter the Go ecosystem. I started the group about a year ago, and I had been going to Go SF meetups since mid-2013, when they were still really small, like 30-0 people, or something. And I was often the only woman, very consistently, so I started to get a little frustrated. But the meetups were so excellent that it worked out okay.

Then I got accepted to talk at GopherCon early 2014, and I was actually listening to a Changelog podcast about GopherCon, and I think it was Brian who… I can’t actually remember – someone asked a question like, “How can we help people get more involved in the Go community?”, or something like that. And Brian suggested that you start a Go group in your community, and I sort of took that as my community being my women, and I wanted to get more women involved in Go, so I started Women Who Go.

We had our first event about a year ago. We just talked about the difficulties of being a woman in tech and a woman in the Go community, and how can we start trying to fix these issues. And I’ve had a meetup about every month for a year, and I think our largest event has been the Bill Kennedy workshop – we had 70 women attend and want to learn Go, which was really powerful.

The main goal of the group is just to provide a safe environment for women to learn more about Go, to explore, and hopefully the idea is that then they go to Go SF events or GopherCon, once they feel a little more safe. I think it’s been working pretty well.

As far as our ten chapters around the world, women actually will message me or somehow find me on Twitter, and they’d be like “I see what you’re doing and it’s really cool. I wanna start a group in Denver” or wherever, and I just help them get started, and they really run with it. The number of women that have been really excited about starting groups like this has been really spectacular.

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