So since we’ve got a few minutes left, let me tell you about my little recent migration. Everybody knows I just can’t find an operating system I love (this is not to anybody), but I’ve been pushing myself more and more into the Microsoft world lately, because I think the Windows subsystem for Linux is the answer to most of the problems that I have. It may not be everybody else’s answers, but I wanted a Linux development environment and I don’t want to sit at Linux daily, because e-mail is terrible… Lots of things are not so great about desktop Linux.

But development on Linux is what I want, so I thought WSL is probably the way to go. And with the latest updates, I’m running the Fast Ring Insider release, so I’m on build 16.1.99, so it’s a very fresh release. There pretty much isn’t anything in WSL that doesn’t work flawlessly. I can’t find anything that doesn’t work perfectly in WSL, which means that I’ve got a Linux development environment, and it’s perfect. Now I just have to get used to the Windows part, and I’m doing pretty well. I mean, I’ve always liked Windows e-mail; I just have a hard with things like keyboard shortcuts and such.

The thing that killed me today was that Skype doesn’t recognize my — well, actually it does; even worse, Skype recognizes my external audio interface for the podcast, it just doesn’t pick up the microphone. [laughs]

So the green light shows up that I’m talking in the audio interface, and in the Windows control panel I’ve got a little green light showing up that says I have inbound audio in my recording thing, but Skype is like “Nope, no microphone. Thanks for playing.”

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