I wanna say something about that, because I was there as a participant. It was amazing. I so loved that they did that, and I hope they do it every year. Actually, I talked to Steve, and I mentioned to him – and I wasn’t the only one to mention this – that we should have that twice a year or maybe four times a year, and get the Go meetups together to do that as a team, as a group, around the world. Maybe we can have it in different zones.

But anyway, so there were two separate things we were doing in that room. One was going through the process — they had something like a fake repo, and we were going through the process of submitting to Go, except that we weren’t submitting to the Go repo, we were submitting to this fake repo. But the point was to get you to go through the process, and having someone there to comment on your submission and maybe ask you to make a change, or correct a submission, make a correction and submit again, until you went through the whole process and got your submission completed. Then your change was pushed to that repo.

That was to get you through the process, and I don’t wanna say it was simple, because you know, simple is very relative. I had done that before, I’m very familiar with Git, which helps, but I wanna say that there were so many people there to help. I actually got help – somebody was teaching me how to interpret, because I was reading the instruction on how to add an example, and I was having a hard time understanding the shortcuts the documentation was using… And this guy explained it to me, and I was like “Oh, that’s what it means…! Thank you.”

So that was one thing… And like Erik was saying, they had this dashboard, and there were like a thousand submissions, I think, just in one session. There were two sessions – one in the morning, one in the afternoon. So I highly recommend people who haven’t gone through the process to go to this workshop (it’s free) if they are at in the future.

[00:20:03.09] And the other thing was like “Okay, you went through this process. How about now you go and make a submission to the Go repo?” and that’s where the 40 submissions come from. A lot of people submitted code, or an example, or documentation, and they became Go contributors.

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