I17;ll go next. So I would start with 4-5 years ago. I guess for me it was 12; I don17;t know, not quite five years, maybe four30; Three, four years? I don17;t remember. Let me see, three years ago, when I started looking into Go. It was the promise of speed that got me mesmerized. Speed as far as running apps, because easier to use concurrency, but also speed in running tests30; And actually, going back to that talk by the guy who worked at Parse, that was very appealing. He was saying the Parse app that they had before took 30 minutes to run tests, and then they converted to Go and it took three minutes, and I was mesmerized. That was what hooked me.

Today what I think is that — maybe that’s like old for me, like “Okay, yeah, it’s fast… Whatever.” [laughs] But for me, what really gets me every day that I work with Go is how easy to read, how productive I can be; I can hold a lot more code in my head because I don’t have to figure out what I’m reading. It’s just so clear, it’s like reading a written language. It’s so easy to understand.

I think if you have a small project, use whatever language you want, who cares… But if you start having a bigger application, really think about how much more productive the will be if the language is easier to read, if you’re trying to make a choice there. So that’s my top feature for Go at the moment.

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