I have a really good Dmitry Vyukov story. Erik, I don’t know if you were there, you may remember this. At GopherCon 2015 or 2014 – it was several years ago – Dmitry was a speaker, but I hadn’t met him yet because he was gonna speak on the second day, and it was the first day… So we were walking home from the pre-party, or walking home from the place where we were having beer the first night, and I had been talking to Dmitry by e-mail forever, on Twitter, and I just told him what a big fan I was and how excited I was to meet him… So I’m walking home, and this really tall person walks up next to me and says “Hi.” I had no idea who it was, so I said “Hi”, and he kept trying to bring up conversation points, but I was tired and I had two beers, and I was not talking well.

Then somebody else walked up and said “Oh, hi Dmitry!” It was Dmitry Vyukov, and I felt like an a–hole. So there’s my Dmitry Vyukov story. Sorry, Dmitry. I was his biggest fan, and I didn’t even recognize him.

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