Yeah. In my case in specific in regards to Git and how I use Git in the command line and not in my is because I learned Git in the command line. So it’s sort of like laziness, because for me to use it in the I now have to learn how this particular works, and who knows, maybe tomorrow I’m changing the , because it’s a thing that I do, I change it once in a while; now I have to learn the other one. And if I don’t keep using the command line, I’ll forget, and then all of a sudden I need to use it on the command line and I’m like “Oh, how do I do that again?”

[00:28:15.22] So for me, it’s pragmatic to keep using it, because I already know it and I don’t wanna forget. And I like your contrast between purist and pragmatic; I also moved from being a purist… And purist in the sense of having consistency, like if I’m using one IDE, I have to put all my effort into learning everything about this IDE, or whatever. Like Vim, for example. I went through a phase where I was trying to just use Vim… And I learned a ton, but that didn’t work for me, because — and let me just finish my observation about contrasting purist vs pragmatic… Because now I’m more pragmatic and I say “Why just use one? Use two, use three.” You don’t have to just use one tool that does the same thing.

My IDE always has a Vim integration, because Vim can be very, very productive; you can be a lot faster using Vim. So what happened to me when I was trying to be a purist and use just Vim – I would learn a bunch of commands that I used all the , and then I’d have to open a new file, or I’d have to move a file, and I’m like “How do I do that again?”, because I didn’t do that very often.

I am moving my cursor around, I’m doing that all the time; okay, I memorize this command. But now I need to open a new file – oh… I mean, when you are on a brand new project you’re doing that all the time, but when you’re working with legacy, you’re not doing that very often. So I just kept running into that wall; I couldn’t do everything without bending my mind and trying to remember and looking things up all the time, so I was like “Nah…”

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