tl;dr; Does anyone have any ideas for metrics for testers?

So, I’ve been wracking my brain and doing all kinds of searching online to try and come up with some for the next quarter. My company is making a push to have scorecards for employees, and pushing the idea of SMART goals so I’m trying to think of measurable goals.

I like Whittaker’s take on this: “measure how much better a tester has made the developers on your team”, but the real question then is how do you measure that?

For context, I’m an embedded , in a reasonably agile organization – I participate in most steps in the process outside actual implementation – requirements, design, code review, functional testing, etc.

I’m not looking for actual goals, but wanting to start with the measurable part of SMART. I started a mindmap on this, and started with the low hanging fruit of things like bugs written, stories verified, etc. I don’t like these as they’re too game-able and don’t really tie to the idea of making the developers better. And that’s when I ran into a wall and couldn’t come up with other ideas . . . does anyone have any ideas for metrics for testers?

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