I’m doing some for a presentation on using gaming elements in the and was hoping for some from a variety of people on the subject matter, to present some statistics and a balanced and informative view on the matter.

I’ve made a survey here – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/L6DDNGZ however if people would prefer to do it here I’ll put the questions down below:

Have you heard of before?

Do you think that gamification could be a good thing in the workplace?

Have you used gamification in something you were doing, such as education or work (examples are Duolingo, Codecademy, etc)?

If you were in a management position, would you implement elements of gaming into your workplace?

Do you play games, and if so, do you think it has affected your view on gamification in a positive way?

If you’ve taken time to read this or answer then thank you! I hope this isn’t violating the rules of this subreddit, and I hope it’ll get some interesting conversations going. Thank you.

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