Here’s the thing though; if you ask me to spend 1 hour on initial job interview, 8 more hours or so on problem solving (the case) and one additional hour on presenting the solution to an audience of 5 future co-worker, and I fail to convince you that I’m good for the job role, I think I deserve at least some honest and constructive feedback on what was missing, my shortcomings, and where exactly did I fail.

In my humble opinion, a good recruiter/employer should at least spend a few minutes on giving some really constructive feedback back to the job seeker who is in an advanced stage of the recruiting process, don’t you think? I don’t believe it’s too much to ask. How can I improve on a level and move forward in the right direction if you as an employer don’t share your thoughts with me? How can the industry as a whole move forward and get better at what we do if we fail to do the basics? I consider myself to be openminded, senior professional as I’m, I can handle critique no matter the nature. Of course I fail to do so occasionally. I’m human after all.

Nonetheless, comes with a price, it takes time to build and needs to be proven every time you interact on a personal and mass level whenever cultural and emotional encounters are at stake. Needless to stress though — no hard feelings what so ever. Just a mind full of question marks and no answers.

But do spend some time on giving feedback to professionals who spent time and effort to be part of your team. They deserve all the attention and encouragement in their career and advance with the knowledge they just acquired from a great experience such as job seeking. This should be part of your personal which automatically spills over the company you represent and the agency/company culture you foster and communicate internally and to the outside world.

Have you had any such experience yourself? Do share and let us know what you think of this.

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