Having Review and Pull Requests (for both application and automation ) is great… but in some cases I am seeing a lot of rubber-stamping approvals leading to low code. These share the following characteristics:

  • No changes
  • No comments
  • Approved in a few minutes
  • Code improvements were missed

When I personally submit or review code in pull requests – I expect comments about it to form several conversations. I’ve experienced this in other shops I work on. In some cases it took days or weeks to get the code approved. In a couple of rare cases I’ve even experienced it be longer than a month, but that was an outlier. I trust in the power of the group to create better shared code.
However I see that many developers that I work with do not instinctively use that approach.
How can I encourage a culture of quality for code reviews?

How can encourage quality code reviews that may take time given that developers are working in 2 weeks sprints and feel that:

  • They don’t have the time to do this
  • It would make this miss their current deadlines
  • They would not be able to get as much work done during the sprint
  • Management expects them to continue delivering at the same pace seen previously

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34656/how-to--the-code-quality-


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