– Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise.

Basically take the agile approach and also have 2 week sprints making up 12 week iterations with planning events once a quarter.

Context is a company that is moving from traditional development to an Agile SAFe based approach.

What quickly emerges is “waterfalling the sprint” so that many of the problems that Agile is intended to address, particularly around improvements, do not happen. This is because, based on what they understand about SAFe, the business is:

  • Still working off deadlines that are fixed in advance
  • Treating testing as a second class decision to development
  • Still favoring short-term new features over long term quality changes
  • Rubber-stamping reviews and pull requests in the interest of speed
  • Not understanding how TDD and BDD work with SAFe’s sprints and iterations
  • Not encouraging developers to find improvements with business users still controlling
  • Allowing teams to plan at 80-90% velocity of capacity leading to insufficient time for quality

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34657/how-to-make-the--for-code-quality-in-a-safe-


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