Well crap. I was typing really fast and got a squiggly, so I right-clicked on it and rather than selecting the correct word from the , I clicked Add To .

I added the MISSPELLED WORD to the Dictionary! Now is suggesting that I this word (and others) wrong in all apps.

At this point I also realized that I had no idea how to a word from the Windows Spell Dictionary. However, I do know that Windows isn’t a black box so there must be a dictionary somewhere. It’s gotta be a file or a registry key or something, right?

It’s even easier than I thought it would be. The Windows 10 custom dictionaries are at %AppData%MicrosoftSpelling

The Windows 10 custom dictionaries are at %AppData%MicrosoftSpelling

I just opened the default.dic file in Notepad and removed the misspelled word.

Opening default.dic in Notepad

Whew. I can’t tell you how many wrong have found there way in there over the years. Hope this helps you in some small way.

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