You wrote: “There are types of popup that does not handle.” I am glad I read this. Should I give up on this?

I am having similar issues. I would greatly appreciate any help. I click on my Help element with IE and Chrome Driver and the Help dialog pops-up just fine. With Phantom, I do not believe it is popping up, yet the click on Help does not indicate error.

I wrote in another forum and attached pictures:

PhantomJS Driver in /C# Test not seeing/clicking items or modal popups where IEDriver and ChromeDriver do.

I am attaching 6 pics showing my App that I am testing with a simple Help Menu and Popup, the DOM info for each and the Code I use to visit and Assert. EVERTHING works fine when Autotesting with IE and Chrome Bowser/drivers, BUT NOT with PhantomJS. It gets stuck where I have circled. I even show output in my example. I find many Java examples but I USE C# with Selenium. Any help provided I would be eternally grateful for. All my tests pass in IE and Chrome but some not in PhantomJS. I tried Capabilities, screen sizing, XPath, and by Class, Linktext, etc. It’s not an alert. It is a modal popup. Look at the state of the button i click to cause this popup in the Phantom run (Visible, Enabled) compared to other runs. Yet it is letting me click it (other buttons on this navbar have the same state) but maybe the popup is not visible? I Cannot figure out “by div’ in C# with JavaScriptExecutor. So, the button that causes the popup looks different under phatomJS and maybe the popup does not occur or is not found under phantomJS? Please help me thanks – Chris
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