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After analysing how competitors placing their on the homepage and read page, me and my agreed that user experience is the most important thing in arranging strategy. Importantly, the variety of location and condition should not disturb user. Thus we classify the experience into two different parts as follows:

Optimising the view-ability

We might need to locate the ads comfortably for users. It should be smooth where user barely recognise it was an ads.

Optimising the action

There are several ways how advertiser pays for the ads, either pay for each impression or clicks. Apparently, it might depend on several factors: advertisers’ need, cost, product speed performance, content, etc.


According to the , several type of ads might be implemented. Those, well known as inventory, should be less distracting and could maintain the app speed performance. The inventories below are ordered by its comfort to user experience:

a. Native ads

This kind of ads might look similar to nearby part (e.g. articles in the streamline)

b. Hanging Banner Frame (HBF) ads

It might be located at the bottom of the screen

c. Below Article (BA) ads

It is located at the end of paragraph or article

d. Rich Media

This ads is interactive, where user could interact with the banner (e.g button on the video)

e. Interstitial ads

It would replace splash screen by putting our our brand logo on advertiser’s banner

f. Premium ads

This ads is special, where it could be as customisable as requested. Occasionally, advertisers want different actions on their banner

Left to right: Native ads, hanging banner frame, below article and interstitial ads

The (best) formation

6 types of ads inventory has been recommended. Apparently, the combination of them should improve and enhance the value of and oppositely. Further discussion amongst team and stakeholders needed, where we should navigate hard decisions to create win win strategies for the product.

These following 2 diagrams would be tricky. Hence, I decide to map them from different perspectives.

UX perspective
Business perspective

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