Assuming they are already experienced in , maintaining test automation frameworks for a web UI using Selenium WebDriver with a language of like Java.

It sort of looks like this at the moment for me. Yes, I haven’t been able to figure out everything that’s . This is where you guys come into picture.

  • Basics: Webservices, RESTful , HTTP Protocols
  • Using POSTMAN to perform basic functional . Can it be used to build a suite?
  • Get hold of a practice API and understand all the details available
  • Get some idea of the RESTASSURED API in Java
  • Get hold of a framework from GIT repo and study how are frameworks written for API testing
  • Start writing a basic framework for the practice API

I want you guys to let me know what am I missing here? Have I messed up the sequence? Am I including stuff which isn’t required?

Can you guys please help me build this?

Background: I am doing this for a self learning program. Lack of API Testing knowledge is holding be back from getting a decent job. I am already an experienced automation tester with in UI web automation testing. I recently resigned from my job to retrain myself with newer skills for a better opportunity.

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