I’m as a consultant through a recruiting agency (not hired by the itself). The hours the agency gives us (or that the is willing to book us for) are very few and I end up having loads of free time, and with access to this company’s software, etc.

At the same time, I know for a fact that the R&D department is hiring and looking for programmers and engineers. (Theres a huge banner on the side of the building as well as countless e-mails with job postings etc.)

Now, I am still a student and have 1.5 years left of my bachelors and all the job postings are for full-time openings (non students, i.e. can’t get hired by them). Still I would like to offer my help or, rather, ask them to help me by letting me learn about what they do etc.

Is there anything I could do or ask? I would even be willing to do it on my free time sans pay.

Software developers, What do you need help with that is cumbersome and time consuming and someone a little less apt with programming background could do for you? Do you think there would be red tape and NDAs involved? Do you think this would even be possible?

I appreciate any help, I just can’t do invoices and license extensions any longer.

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