So, I ended up starting to look for a new company to work for and had my first interview a few days ago. My second interview was supposed to be for today. My company found out I was looking for a new job and pulled me into a meeting. First things first, was I unhappy with the company. That answer was no I wasn’t. I was looking just for pay. My 3-year-old is starting preschool this year and I don’t have the extra money to afford it. My manager asked for a 24 hour hold to talk to management. So last week I rescheduled my interview for early this week.

There wasn’t another word about that for a few days. The new company I was looking for was very excited for me to work there (I have machinery in my background and they are making a new CNC machine). Well I was expecting my current company to offer me to become the official product test lead with a bump in pay to keep me there. However, I was not expecting them to pass test lead and offer to bump me straight to SR QA Analyst with an even larger bump in pay.

I never thought I would work a job where I would completely bypass a and move straight to the after it so, im calling it a Promotion. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with myself and my company right now. I just need to brag a bit here since my coworkers don’t know and they asked me to keep it quiet about it for a little while.

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