I’ll be spending time in my evenings building graphs and to show how my performance justifies a . I work for a German company, and that’s apparently a good/respectful way to justify the increase I want. I don’t want to suggest that having “the highest bug count” is good, we all know that our job isn’t to find the most bugs, or as many bugs as possible, etc, etc. But I would love to show that the percentage of my bugs that were fixed is higher than that of other colleagues on the project (not to put down colleagues, but to demonstrate that, even while managing a project, my quality and attention to detail remains consistent).

I figure I’ll a dashboard, and maybe make a bar graph? I’m sure I *can* figure this out, over the next little while. But if anybody’s done something like this before, and has a query they wouldn’t mind sharing, or any , I’d appreciate it.

(I work for a contracting company, so we aren’t in-house, and don’t have a lot of internal metrics to use, my best bet is to use the Jiras from the projects we’ve contracted on for the past 2 years)

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