As a part of preparing for my talk at Laracon Eu, “Sharing Laravel’s Best Assets With Other ,” I planned to teach about the basics of using Illuminate components in other . But a small section of a 45-minute talk isn’t nearly enough time to cover such a broad topic, so I decided to create a Github project called “Illuminate Non-Laravel” to teach and share more about best practices for using Illuminate components outside of Laravel.

The point of this project is to show developers, especially those working with legacy projects in frameworks like CodeIgniter, how they can use Laravel components (which are called Illuminate components) in their projects.

I want to have a simplest-use-case example for each component, with as few dependencies and as little bootstrapping as possible, but also I’d be happy to have more complicated examples and even hopefully a standard bootstrap to get a Laravel-style Application instance and Service Provider structure. (For an already-running Github project that is similar to this bootstrap I’m describing, check out Jeremy Vaught’s CodeIgniter Service Level, which I haven’t yet had the chance to work with.)

So, please check out the repo (mattstauffer/IlluminateNonLaravel) and watch it for the future, or if you have some experience working with this sort of stuff, please send a Pull Request to share some code.

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