Hello, hopefully this is the right subreddit for this!

Long story short, I work an “on call” job right now that relies on an archaic email system to keep everyone up to date with eachother. I started developing a simple that would allow the admins to tell us what/when/where we should be, along with automated push notifications for traffic delays, optional GPS tracking (only active during work hours) so the admins can instantly know that we are fulfilling our deliveries, and an alarm to automatically go off so we never miss a beat.

My first question is on the development. I made a rough version of the application in Rails, but I’m not good with iOS and Android, so I would need to outsource that. If I get a third party software developer to make the app, how should I go about publishing it so I have 100% rights to call it mine?

Secondly, once I have the software claimed, what would be the safest way to license it to my ?

Finally, what would you consider a good price for this kind of software. (I’ve done similar work like this in the past with just web apps, but I never really charged them much for it because they were just friends’ parents.)

Thank you!

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