Both sellers and buyers want to bargain. For the sellers, it is a great way to drive sales. For the users, meets multiple needs, rewarding them with a sense of fulfillment.

However, the bargaining stage is also the stage where both sellers and buyers tremendous pain-points. More evidently, bargaining is always time-consuming and does not guarantee a result.

Leveraging on the research findings, and to better get into the mind of the users, I crafted personas, user stories, and user journey maps.


Persona of seller.
Persona of buyer.


A user story that touched on 3 main points — “Who am I?”, “What do I want”, and“My ideal outcome”.


For the purpose of this design challenge, the focus was on the experience of the buyers/.

User Journey Map.

End-game goals:

  1. To design a page for users to easily exchange conversations, interact, and make bargains.
  2. To meet needs of users who wants quick sales but does not want to bargain/or moving beyond a standstill bargain.


To achieve goal number 2, a new feature was conceived and translated into wireframes for a quick usability test. I had to know if the feature is of any relevance and significance.

Leveraging on the user research, a new feature was conceived based on a series of informed assumptions.

Wireframes and usability test

I ran a quick usability test with wireframes to ensure that necessary changes are made quickly and time effectively.

I was glad to learn that users are receptive and supportive of the new feature, however some changes had to be made to the proposed user flow so that we can streamline the entire experience.

Following the revision and results from the first usability test, I went on to develop a prototype for a more realistic usability test. I also opted to use the NPS as part of the usability test to gauge the reception of the new RPS feature amongst the users.

While I know that the sample size is small, I needed a generic sentiment from the users without having to question the validity of traditional quantitative statistical analysis.

Because you are not your users.

After gathering the insights needed, I went on to reiterate the prototype.

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