In you them, here are some articles from of particular interest to R users.

A guide to installing R and RStudio with packages and multithreaded BLAS on various platforms.

Some tips for Excel users migrating to R for data analysis.

Videos of presentations from the New York R Conference.

The Chartmaker Directory compares and provides examples of data visualizations for dozens of tools, including R.

Siraj Raval’s video overview of Azure machine learning services.

A simple R script based on the gganimate package illustrates the luminance illusion

of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science news from August 2018

A package to make R play text as speech

Microsoft R Open 3.5.1 is now available. 

R ranks #14 in the June 2018 Redmonk Language Rankings.

R drops one place to #7 in the 2018 IEEE Language Rankings

A video tutorial on running R and Python in SQL Server from a Jupyter Notebook.

The cover story for Significance Magazine celebrates 25 years of the R project. 

And some general interest stories (not necessarily related to R):

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