Solution 1

Schedule content in advance to post when your audience is online

’s new algorithm sorts by engagement rather than chronologically. Posting content when online traffic is highest will allow higher levels of impressions. This in turn will help boost engagement and reach.

Scheduling posts will give accounts the ability to target specific times windows as well as the flexibility to create posts when it’s most convenient and queue up several in advance.

Solution 2

Use AI to analyze content and suggest hashtags to boost discoverability

Using AI, Instagram can suggest popular hashtags that would be most applicable to a post based on the content. Hashtags are a proven way to for content to be discovered by a new audience and with the new ability to follow hashtags, certain tags are more useful than others.

Account tagging is a method of gaining impressions as well as the attention of larger brands. The tagged accounts often help promote the original content.

Solution 3

Reposts for accounts to leverage their followers to increase their reach

Reposting is a function that accounts often use third party apps for. While these apps will credit the original poster, engagement belongs to the reposter.

Allowing native reposts will let accounts better control who has the ability to share their content as well as reaping the rewards of reaching new audiences via the followers of reposting accounts.

Solution 4

A/B testing for content

A/B testing is a valuable tool to compare two versions of a single variable. It’s often used on websites, products, and other platforms.

With the increasing value businesses are drawing from their Instagram accounts, A/B testing will allow accounts to compare two versions of a single variable, determining which is more effective

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