simPRO, provider, recently introduced its RESTful simPRO APITrack this API. To simplify developer access to the many resources available through the , build an intuitive developer center where the API docs, and user instructions are kept. The goal of the API is to bring the robust functionality of simPRO to existing third party applications and workflows.

“With the API you can now create integrations that connect simPRO to mailing and accounting systems, ecommerce, business websites, smartphone and tablet apps and document management systems,” Jonathan Eastgate, simPRO’s CTO, commented in a press release. “simPRO’s new API is a technical step forward, but its functions are good for users because external applications can be created to move data between simPRO and different applications.”

Through the API, developers can view, create, and edit resources on any simPRO Enterprise or simPRO system. Resource categories include people (contractors, customers, employees, sites, staff, vendors/supplier), projects (contractor jobs, jobs, job cost centers, leads, quotes, quotes cost centers), materials (catalogs, inventory/stock, prebuilds, vendor/supplier orders), payments/invoicing (contractor invoices, customer invoices, customer payments, vendor/supplier receipts, vendor/supplier credits), setup (accounts, activities, asset builder, etc.), and more. For more details visit the API docs.

On the API site, simPRO includes getting started guides, code examples, API docs, and a developer forum where developers can collaborate. The API will be available worldwide. The focus of the API, as with most simPRO products, is the made service industries across the marketplace.

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