so im a fresh CS graduate(bachelors) and i applied for a labeled under , at a startup with about a dozen employees. which is fine i guess. except in their 4 years of operating, they have not had a single QA engineer or QA employee. i would be their first and primary QA dude. obviously they saw my resume and that i just graduated 2 months ago and worked retail for 4 years while in college. my only marketable skills are python, c, c# from university.

but my primary responsibilities would be to develop automated testing from the ground up, for what can be done, along with the usual manual testing. its mainly for html, javascript, and CMS services like drupal. their specific software can be utilized on half a dozen different CMS services.

it does not seem like a very entry level position, so i am kind of at a loss.

i’ve been reading about phantom and casperJS, any other suggestions for this type of role?

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