I am automating windows application. I am using Winapp driver tool.
Here my screenshot is a basketball court. I am pointing here to click the
court anywhere means that the player is scores

enter image description here

The ball on that point.
it takes the value as x
and y coordinate.
here GUI court indicates, it is the scoring area, in basketball, there is 2 point area,
3 point area, 4 point area

here colored small circle –it is a 4 point area,

big rectangle with arc– it is 2 point area and

outside that big rectangle with arc region–it is 3 point area..

in the court would be stretch, as u can see the screenshot
marked as red line. so in the sense, every score area it would be changed.
I need to find the x coordinate and y coordinate–to generate a formula for this
so I can put config.properties file as that range value

This is my config.properties file


I am using excel sheet, to put the x -coordiante and y-coordinate values….

UI spy showing

 BoundingRectangle: "(553, 270, 346, 299)"

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/34828/-the-x-y-coordinate-in-my--and-how-it-better-useful-for-future-imple


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