I want to the 2 in two variable. then I need to compare the values are matching or not, if it matches then action will perform.

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I am doing edit operation in my automation script..
Here 2 columns are there , firstly i need to store the data in 2 variable and then compare, here 17 is one event and 21 and 22 is one event….
how to store the values and compare ?

I put Record Object in haspmap, so then I need to store and add the data..how ?

public class Record {

    private int seq_no;
    private int edit_uid;

    public int getSequenceNumber() {
        return seq_no;

    public void setSequenceNumber(int seq_no) {
        this.seq_no = seq_no;

    public int getEditUid() {
        return edit_uid;

    public void setStatusCode(int edit_uid) {
        this.edit_uid = edit_uid;


main class

 Map<String, Record> recordsMap = new <String, Record>();

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/35005/how-to-store-the-excel-column-data-using-hashmap


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