When I am writing a testcase for using appium then credentials entered are case-sensitive for app. I writing testcases using appium and testNG.

Steps I am following are-
1. Launching app
2. Entering username and password
Ex – username : user_test and password : [email protected]
3. Taping on Login button.

1. App launched successfully.
2. Entered wrong credentials.
Ex – username : user_test and password : [email protected]
Problem here is that its entering wrong password. Two characters of password in capital-case : [email protected].

I have used function to text in username and password fields is –

inspectElement(XpathConstants.PASS_TXT_XPATH).sendKeys("[email protected]");

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/33801/not-able-to-enter-case-sensitive--in-android-app


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