-end : To test the client side validations from front-end UI tests but in isolation(hence calling unit tests). By isolation mean, testing static HTML pages to avoid unnecessary navigations. For example, to test validations on D, one may need to navigate pages A, B, and C but the test is all about D validations so if there is a way where one can directly access and test the D and simplify and speed up the UI tests.

Problem Statement: How to “front-end unit testing” of Page (angular/angularJS) using to avoid performing negative scenarios/error message verifications/client side validations using UI tests.

Required help: It would be great if somebody who is using it practically in a project, can explain with a small prototype example.

Disclaimer: I am well aware and practicing unit testing & UI testing separately but the question is about whether 2 can be combined for improving feedback loop by simplifying UI tests and significantly reducing execution time and increasing tests reliability.

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/32535/how-to-perform-front-end-unit-testing-of-single-page-applications


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