I refactored my plans and created (eg. login) in external jmx file so I can use in different test plans.

I used IncludeController in my test plan and refer this external Login Fragment file.

It works fine if I run gui, but as soon as I try to run in cloud, it fails with error artifact not found. I tried downloading artifacts and external Fragment file is not there.

I came to know, IncludeController get verified before runtime, so there should be some other mechanism to upload these external test Fragment files.

I am sure relative paths for this Fragment jmx file is right as I am also using csv files and that is loading in blazemeter cloud.

Not sure if my approach of using tets Fragment is right?
Do I need to go to test in blazemeter and upload file manually?

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/32551/jmeter-test-fragment-not--with-blazemeter


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