In the video above, you’ll see the new experience from both the designer and developer viewpoint. You can see how addressing questions and reviewing comments are much speedier when you’re able to work within the itself.

More new features: Paragraph spacing, image paste from clipboard, password masking, and simplified Chinese

There are even more productivity and improvements to this month, notably:

  • Paragraph spacing: You can now create visual distance between paragraphs by defining the space after each. Also, content created with paragraph spacing in Photoshop and Sketch will be preserved and fully editable in XD when opened.
  • Image paste from clipboard: In the past, adding images to native fill shapes in Adobe XD required multiple steps. Now you can simply complete the process by clicking the native fill object and selecting Edit > Paste Appearance. From there, you can resize and place the image within the shape by double-clicking on the image mask, a feature we delivered in the June of Adobe XD.
  • Password masking: We now support the masking or unmasking of passwords as you create them. This gives you added security when controlling access to shared prototypes, and now, design .
  • Simplified Chinese: Adobe XD now supports Simplified Chinese in addition to English, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

These productivity enhancements will help you work faster, smarter, and safer with Adobe XD. “Adobe consistently demonstrates its commitment to improving and refining the workflow of its programs,” said Sara Greene,  art director at Segal Savad. “In XD specifically, pasting an image directly into a shape from the clipboard is a perfect example of how users can increase their efficiency, especially when under tight deadlines.”

UX community

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