This new feature is a major timesaver for many designers, such as Jamie Nuzbach, creative director at Ideas Collide. “Seamless is the name of the game with . Being able to edit in a masked shape is so easy, and requires less back-and-forth between other programs to achieve your desired result,” she said.

More new features: Calculations in property fields, Photoshop and Sketch image fill support and Typekit for Mobile

There are continued productivity enhancements and improvements to Adobe XD this month, notably:

  • Improved Photoshop and Sketch image fill support: Now that we support image fill editability (see above), we can now retain that editability in files converted from Photoshop and Sketch.
  • Math calculations in Property Fields: Just as in other Adobe applications like InDesign, Muse, and Illustrator, you can now use simple math to calculate values when designing in Adobe XD.
  • Support for Typekit on Mobile: XD documents loaded from Creative Cloud files will automatically find and sync any Typekit fonts used in the document.

Each of these new features can be incredibly useful for working Adobe XD. For math calculations in property fields, you can reduce grouped objects by 80 percent, quickly dividing an artboard area for tile design, or moving an object in an X or Y location by a specific number of pixels. “The new math calculation feature is a real time-saver,” said Daniel O’Neil, experience lead at Sapient Razorfish. “It’s now fast and easy to place , and experiment with spatial relationships when composing wireframes.”

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