Hey guys!

This is Anatoly. I have been working in Agile environment for about 7 years now. First as a Software Developer, later as a Master and now as an Agile Coach.

I am getting asked a lot about some of the fundamentals of Agile that for some reason often are not shared in the on-boarding sessions, or in the certifications that people pass. So I have decided to share my experience in my new Youtube channel called Define Agile.

I share Agile topics on a very high level. One a week, all are very short. There is no upsell or anything – just trying to raise Agile literacy.

If you want to check out my first creation vs Scrum here it is:


P.S. If you have questions comments about it, please share with me as well. I would love to have a chat about it.

Sorry for plugging my own stuff, but I thought since there are a lot of Agile related discussions here, it might be useful for some of you.



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