I have been using Selenium IDE with Firefox for a last 2 years for doing smoke testing. Selenium has been giving me problems lately so I spent a week trying and I really like it. My tests are not complicated, just walking screens to make sure links and buttons working prior to release and after release.

My concern is the license. I really like Katalon for what i’m doing, but to switch over will take me about 3 weeks of work to recreate all my tests. I’m a one man show, so their current support pricing is out of reach. If they discontinue their and don’t introduce a lower cost option, I will be forced to discontinue using it and have to spend more time trying to replace it.

Anyone with knowledge of the Katalon business plan and how their freeware plan will be available?

Source link https://www.reddit.com/r//comments/8zm86t/katalon_freeware_will_last_how_long/


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