is a Google Chrome browser extension by Marcel Pociot that enables you to generate integration tests while using your application. Now you can use the extension to create test cases!

Marcel shared a live example of creating a Dusk test case from the browser on Twitter yesterday:

Laravel TestTools started as a tool to create integration tests for Laravel’s built-in HTTP testing tools. With the added ability to generate Dusk tests, now you can build both HTTP tests and browser tests that run with Dusk.

Building a test case in this manner is incredibly intuitive, and it might even be an excellent way to learn how to use the Dusk testing API if you’re new to using Dusk.

You can access this extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

You can check out the source code of the extension on GitHub to learn more about the internals of the extension and to contribute to Laravel Test Tools.

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We originally wrote about the initial release of Laravel TestTools back in 2016. It’s nice to see new features going into this extension that are useful for writing better tests. Bravo Marcel!

We’ve recently featured other open-source projects by Marcel, including laravel-confirm-email and laravel-credentials.

Marcel is also the author of BotMan and BotMan Playground.

We’ve also written a book about Building a Chatbot with Laravel and Botman at Laravel News; you should check it out if you’re interested in building chatbots!

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