is still # 1 social media platform used for the business sector. People are looking for new positions from . Companies are finding new employees from as well. Therefore, people tend to keep their profiles up-to-date in terms of showing their knowledge in fields. Even when they want to move to the new position, they can look at the job posts in those positions and improve themselves on the required features. Also, users can take pilot lessons through Learning and get detailed information about the branches. It is an efficient platform in many ways.

My suggestion is to take this service one step further.

Understanding the Challenge

People are in love with learning new things. They might choose to fill their free time by learning new things. LinkedIn Learning is providing efficient content at this stage. But LinkedIn Learning content only includes video content, because of that it’s hard for users to choose this service in their spare time. Because they have to give full concentration to it. And this means they have to spend time only on LinkedIn Learning. That’s not a preferred situation for all users.

Users are finding educational podcast services useful. You can use this service as if you are listening to music at any time by plugging in your headphones (In the subway, walking on the road, drinking coffee in a venue, etc.). But it is so difficult to find a publication that meets the specifications you’re looking for, before that you’ve already reached your destination until you find what you want.


Almost all companies are looking for new candidates on LinkedIn. Users are also trying to keep their LinkedIn accounts up-to-date to catch new business opportunities (skills, software programs etc). This means people already written on their profiles the abilities and skills that they have and also the abilities they want to develop. If a user wants to listen an educational podcast the biggest orientation is about his profession or the area he wants to learn. These two possibilities are already written to the user’s LinkedIn account.

My goal is to create an educational podcast service that is accessible to the regular user and premium user.

Research Methods


I prepared the survey through survey monkey. And I shared this survey with a community I was in. My goal was to identify the “pain points” users faced when using educational . Knowing the problems faced by users is really important to determine the direction of the project.


I usually couldn’t find the content that I’m looking for.

The content I find isn’t exactly enough.

Useful content is usually video.


The survey results show me that there are two types of users with different needs. Podcast listeners and those who never listen. Thanks to these differences, I have been able to understand the orientations of people using the application.

User Journey

At this stage, I created potential scenarios where the persona I created would use the application. And through these scenarios, I started to build the application’s user experience.

Jobs To Be Done

LinkedIn is the biggest information platform on areas such as jobs, features, what people want to learn, etc. People are using LinkedIn as a showcase in order to gain success in business life. At this point, the information at a LinkedIn profile is the same as to they are seeking. At this point, I think it would be useful and efficient to offer educational podcast service to users via LinkedIn, because the data that LinkedIn has would actually match the user’s wish to listen.

The information I have got from the research shows me that there are a group of people who never find the content they are looking for. This approach would solve the problem of that group so they might want to listen to the educational podcast.


At this point, I have to think about the product rather than just thinking about the user. Why LinkedIn focus on a podcast service when everything goes well. The answer is very simple. LinkedIn Premium and ads.

1. Possibility

No limitations on the podcast service but put some ads into the podcast about every 7 minutes for the regular user. This means user keep listening podcasts with ads or upgrade the account to premium.

2. Possibility

Limit the podcast service that the user can access daily to 20 minutes. For 20 minutes, the user can access the desired content. The user can use this 20 minute whenever they want in a day. In order to continue at the end of 20 minutes, he is asked to increase his membership to the premium or they need to wait till the next day. This situation is actually fair and efficient enough for both sides. The user can listen to the desired podcast about 20 minutes a day. It’s fair enough to want something after this 20 minute or wait till next day.

In both cases, it would make sense to create such a service because the profit that LinkedIn will gain will increase.


Final Design


I wanted to develop a little bit of the interface that is currently being used. I have designed this development for only on the homepage. I’ve tried to avoid complexity with efficient use of white space. The development allows the user to follow the content of the feed more easily and saves the application from complexity.


The podcast page should be in a structure that can be easily found for the areas that the user would like to listen to. “For You” tab aims to reduce time spend while searching broadcasts. The user can create lists for themselves and reach easily to podcasts they liked before. “Discovery“ tab will be able to reach publications about new areas.

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